Businesses and Associations

Corporate and Commercial Law

I support Clients across all phases of their companies’ or associations’ life: preparing and/or updating the Articles of Association, bylaws, shareholder agreements, and corporate resolutions. I also assist in case of disputes amongst shareholders or corporate bodies, as well as during critical business crises.

I also provide advice to businesses in litigations with their clients or suppliers, including debt recovery activities.

I offer support and assistance in establishing a dialogue with public institutions and entities.

Compliance Activities

In collaboration with a well-established network of professionals, I support clients in risk assessment activities, the development of policies and procedures compliant with regulations, and the training of personnel on the importance of compliance with laws, ethical standards, and regulations applicable to the sector in which the company operates.

Contract Law

I provide comprehensive consultancy across the entire spectrum of contract law, assisting Clients in the preparation and negotiation, as well as the execution, of contracts related to their business activities in Italy and abroad. This includes:

  • Joint Venture Agreements, at both contractual and corporate level (main contracts and operational agreements, as well as related preliminary documents such as Letters of Intent and Memoranda of Understanding);
  • Subcontracting agreements, OEM agreements, plant and machinery supply contracts, turnkey contracts, construction and service contracts, including framework agreements, general conditions, special specifications, and tender documents;
  • Confidentiality Agreements;
  • Technology license agreements, patent and/or know-how license agreements, agency contracts, distribution contracts, and concession agreements in accordance with specific sector regulations.

Intellectual Property – Information Technology

I assist clients in the protection and enhancement of their intellectual property within the scope of their business activities.

The protection of information, information technology agreements, regulations on the protection of personal data, and related corporate policies are also areas in which I specialize.

    Consumers and Small Businesses

    Expert Consultancy

    I provide assistance and advice to consumers and small businesses on a range of issues related to right protection and commercial transactions. Main activities include:

    Information on Right Protection regarding specific products or services.

    Dispute Resolution with other companies or service providers through negotiations, arbitrations, and other available avenues.

    Guidance on Contracts by explaining clauses, helping them fully understand commitments and mutual responsibilities.

    Assistance in filing complaints or reports against companies or organizations that violate their rights or engage in unfair practices.

    Legal representation in more complex disputes.

    Hereditary Successions

    In collaboration with an established network of professionals, I provide comprehensive assistance and consultancy across the entire range of activities following a death event:

    Legal consultancy: In the drafting of wills and the resolution of inheritance disputes.

    Succession law: distribution of the deceased’s assets, heirs’ rights and obligations, in accordance with the laws and the testamentary provisions.

    Estate administration: Organization and management of tasks related to the estate, including the filing of succession declarations, renunciation and/or acceptance of inheritances, liquidation of assets, and property transfer.

    Financial and insurance aspects: Handling financial matters, including insurance benefits, pensions, and the deceased’s bank accounts.

    Real Estate 

    I provide consultancy and assistance on legal issues related to real estate transactions and other legal aspects connected to the real estate sector. Main activities include:

    Commercial transactions: Legal advice during the purchase or sale of properties, assistance in drafting and negotiating real estate contracts.

    Lease contracts: Assistance in the drafting and revision of commercial and residential lease contracts.

    Tenant and Landlord Rights: Legal advice on issues related to tenant and landlord rights, including evictions and lease disputes.

    Contract Enforcement: Consultancy, assistance, and defense in case of contractual violations or disputes during the enforcement of real estate agreements.

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